Carlos Zorrinho, Member of the European Parliament

What does it mean to be European?

Carlos Zorrinho is a Portuguese Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in the S&D group. He is a full professor with a PhD in IT management. He previously served in the Portuguese government as Secretary of State for Energy and Innovation. MEP Zorrinho shared his views with

“European identity is a permanent process of developing common values. It results from the interaction between multiple national, regional and local identities in a context of cooperation for peace and humanistic inspiration.

When implementing policies focused on resolving people’s problems in a spirit of strengthening community spirit, sharing and multiple understanding, Member States and the European Union contribute to the reinforcement of that identity”.




“A identidade europeia é um processo permanente de desenvolvimento de valores comuns. Resulta da interação entre múltiplas identidades nacionais, regionais e locais feita num contexto de cooperação para a paz e de inspiração humanista.

Sempre que aplicam políticas focadas na resolução dos problemas das pessoas numa lógica de reforço do espírito de comunidade, partilha e compreensão múltipla, os Estados Membros e a União Europeia contribuem para o reforço dessa identidade”.

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