Workshop: Your Europe, Your Thought, Your Identity

Europe is often seen as a dream land. Welcoming, equal, fair, just and prosper. But is it really so?
We invite you to join an in-depth discussion about the controversies of the European continent. The international workshop will also aim to outline and redefine the principles of modern European identity as well as answer how Europe can form an overarching identity, which is suitable for everybody across the continent. We invite young Ukranians (16-35 y.o.) of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to take part in the event.
The workshop will take place on September 9, 2017 at the Port Creative Hub (Kyiv, Naberezhno-Khreshachatyts’ka St, 10А). It will be comprised of multiple keynote speeches related to European identity as well as three workshops on this topic. The workshop starts at 10:00 and lasts until 18:00.
The event includes lunch and two coffee breaks. Participation is free of charge. In case you have any questions, please contact us at
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The Workshop is part of project where young people from age 18 to 35 in Finland, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine try to challenge the concept of European identity. We have been collecting ideas about Europeanness from the edges of the continent and now it’s Ukraine’s turn! The project is part of FutureLab Europe and is funded by European Network of Foundations.

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