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Report on Solidarity discussion group

Kiev Workshop: Your Europe, Your Thought, Your Identity



During the last years Ukraine struggles to increase the solidarity in the country. It is obvious, that solidarity if one the key foundations of European Union, and those by having the high level of solidarity Ukraine has good chances to become closer to Europe. Through the group discussion, we identified the next problems with respect to solidarity in Ukraine:

  • The lack of tolerance of Ukrainians towards foreigners, immigrants, people with foreign background
  • Lack of tolerance among Ukrainians (especially in case of internally displaced people, as the result of Ukrainian-Russian conflict)
  • Problems of reconciliation with other neighbor nations/ethnic groups as the result of previous armed conflicts (for example Ukrainian – Polish conflict 1943-1944)

After the preliminary discussion, the group decided, that the best solution, which can be implemented to overcome these challenges is the introduction of education program: “Provision on intercultural education on solidarity for various target groups” for the next target groups of Ukrainians: a) kids; b) teenagers/students; c) adults; b) retired population. The program should be administrated, supported and financed by Ukrainian government, in particular, by Ministry of Education and by Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.


We defined the next actions/events, which can promote the solidarity in Ukraine and are the part of education program:

  1. For kids:
  • Organization of intercultural workshops (in schools, kindergartens, other public places)
  • Organization of intercultural art projects
  1. For teenagers / students:
  • Organization of intercultural camps
  • Introduction of school subject about tolerance
  • Organization of intercultural art projects
  • Reinvention of history memory. It can implemented through publishing of common historic books, organization of study exchanges.
  1. For adults:
  • Organization of intercultural workshops/art projects
  • Organization of courses for governmental bodies on solidarity
  • Reinvention of historic memory
  1. For retired population:
  • Organization of intercultural workshops/art projects
  • Launching of media campaigns on solidarity

Ivan Kendzor

Participant of the workshop in Kyiv

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