The – All different and all together project recognises the importance of giving more tools to young people from the peripheries of Europe.

Our goal

Through an essay competition, a workshop and numerous interviews, young people, minorities, immigrants and unemployed people will have the chance to reflect and share their thoughts on their European identity.

Project description - All different and all together will challenge the ideas of what being European means by encouraging young people aged 18-35 from different corners of Europe to speak about their own experiences and ideas.

Starting with a stock-take of the current academic discourse on European identity through background research and interviews with scholars, the project will critically assess these views by reaching out to the corners of Europe.

Interviews with young people aged 18-35 from Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine will give them the possibility to take part in the debate and make their voices heard. It will also provide experts and policymakers with a more complete picture of European identity, thereby going one step further towards an updated version of what being European means today.

The Team
With the support of FutureLab Europe, we combine our different talents, skills and perspectives to create
We turn ideas into a concrete project aiming to have a lasting civic impact on the debate about European identity.

Milja Rämö

Project Leader

With a background in Development Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism, Milja has studied and worked in India, Turkey and Lebanon. She is currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Alex Guzenko

Project Manager

With a background in strategic communications, public and media relations, Alex has studied in the USA and Czech Republic, worked in Canada and the Netherlands. He is currently based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Liliana Caraça

Communications Officer

With a background in European Law and European Political Science, Liliana has studied and worked in Belgium, France, Germany and Portugal. She is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Guia Bianchi

Research Advisor

With a background in Management and Portuguese, Guia has studied in the UK and Portugal. She is currently based in Italy, studying for a double degree at the University of Trento and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa.

Leticia Díez Sánchez

Mentor - FutureLab Europe generation 2012

With a background in Law, Political science and Political economy, Leticia has lived in Bristol, London, Brussels, Luxembourg and New York. She is currently based in Florence, Italy.